Tres Hermanos

Urgent News

It appears that Dimond Bar uses General Plan to Destroy Sensitive Habitat

Under-reporting critical, biologically sensitive habitat in general plans allows cities to easily destroy it when no one is looking.

It appears the city of Diamond Bar, in its General Plan Update, is doing just that.

Notice City of Diamond Bar General Plan Update Figure 2-1:Habitats. (2.69MB) shows only a small smidgen of Coast Live Oak Woodland (Pink) in the upper right and lower left corners of the city.

This is suspicious because the Los Angeles County's Oak Woodlands Conservation Management Plan, Figure A2 - Distribution of Oak Species in Los Angeles County map (5.02MB) shows the entire City of Diamond Bar to contain Coast Live Oak habitat.

If Oak Tree habitat is not shown on Diamond Bar's general plan habitat map, that habitat technically (for legal purposes) does not exist.

If this is allowed to remain unchanged, it will allow developers to mow down state protected Oak trees (see below) with abandon.

From a legal perspetive, you cannot destroy what is legally not there.

This is one small example of what appears to be Diamond Bar's under-reporting.

Please get involved, and help us fix what appears to be this egregious attempt to ruin Diamond Bar's quality of life.

Tres Hermanos from Grand Ave

We live in the middle of a biological wonderland

Diamond Bar, Chino Hills, Tres Hermanos, and Diamond Bar's Sphere of Influence are all located in one of 20 worldwide ecologically sensitive, biodiverse hotspots. This means that we live in a biogeographic region with significant levels of biodiversity, second only to tropical rain forests, that is threatened with destruction. See Map.

It is therefore critically important that we save what little remaining natural open space that we have left.

Tres Hermanos Ranch is part of that natural remaining open space, which is why we are working so hard to save it.

Wilson's Warbler

Many Species of Birds Live Around Us

Scientific studies show that Tres Hermanos and neighboring areas are surrounded by many species of birds. Read More.

Deer Under Oak Tree

It is Critically Important That We Save Our Oak Trees

All of Diamond Bar and its sphere of influence are located in LA County's Potential Oak Woodlands Conservation Areas map. Oak trees and Oak woodlands are so important to California's ecology that they are protected under state law. Why are Oaks so important? Read More. (42.0MB

LA County created this Oak Woodland Conservation map (4.88MB) in order to help cities properly conserve their precious Oak Trees.

It appears the city of Diamond Bar would rather mow them down. (see above left)