Millennium Project grading.

Millennium development project in the Diamond Bar Country Estates gated community, within SEA 15, bordering Tonner Canyon. The project used "scorched earth" grading methods. Loss of 1000 Oak Trees without mitigation, December 2017.

Millennium before grading

Millennium developer trespassed private property of Kicking Horse Drive residents, bulldozing 20 old growth Oaks from woodland riparian habitat. City approved, December 2017.

Oak Tree in Diamond Bar Center's trail area.

Coast Live Oak habitat is distributed throughout city of Diamond Bar. General Plan Existing Conditions report omits this fact.

Diamond Bar Center's Trail area.

Summitridge Trail near Diamond Bar Center, a sensitive ecological area, is currently zoned RL, low density housing.

Diamond Bar resident

Spotted Towhee, male


Volunteer scientifically documents Diamond Bar Prickly Pear Coastal Scrub Habitat for California Gnat Catcher and Cactus Wren. Mapped during Bioblitz,2018.

Baby Hawk and mother

Coopers Hawk with chicks on Diamond Bar Center trail. Blitz, May 2018.


American Crow checking out his domain by Diamond Bar Center trails.

Tres Hermanos

Freshwater emerging wetland. Upper Tonner Canyon (Tres Hermanos Ranch.) 2017, by Bev Pollard