Oak Tree

Oak Trees have unique environmental value.

Coast Live Oak woodland dominates the city of Diamond Bar.

• Each Oak tree is it's own complete ecosystem.

• Oak habitat supports over 5000 species.

• Oak Woodlands are the cheapest way we have of cleaning air.

• One mature old growth Oak sequesters 55,000 lbs of carbon annually.

• Oak Woodlands maintain slope integrity.

• Oak Woodlands protect the quality of greater than 2/3 of California's drinking water supply.

• CA Oak Woodlands increase property values by 25% or more.

• The Oak tree is the United States national tree due to its majestic strength and longevity.

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Diamond Bar Trails

About Us

Responsible Land Use is a non-profit organization who was formed from Diamond Bar residents who were part of the Save Tres Hermanos Group.

We believe that a community's most precious asset is natural open space.

Preserving our remaining natural open space makes economic and scientific sense, not to mention enhancing Diamond Bar's quality of life.

We have focused our efforts on Diamond Bar’s General Plan rewrite because strong General Plan language is the best way to save our city’s open space, including Tres Hermanos.

We have called upon consultants and experts who are conversant with best planning practices. They have assisted us in our efforts to recommend general plan language changes which better protect our remaining open spaces.

Local elected officials and governmental agencies need to pay attention to the collective impact of individual projects. Responsible Land Use has the expertise to represent the public interest and to provide constructive, realistic input to offset pressure from relentless development.